Brand Identity Design


Cerebra Brand Identity

Cerebra is a social media and communications agency based in Johannesburg. They felt that they had outgrown their branding and wanted something more contemporary that still retained the brain iconography from their old logo.

Once we’d started honing in on a very basic style and colour palette, we moved on to the tougher stuff – how do we use the design of the brand to reflect and enhance Cerebra’s core business? We all agreed that while social media is a difficult thing to pin down, it always comes down to people – their interactions and their needs. We wanted to create a brand with a life of its own.


We created a simple grid with a basic set of rules that allowed anyone to generate a unique Cerebra logo, by entering a set of personal variables. We crunched the numbers on how often each employee tweeted, their number of Facebook friends, their childhood homes, the state of their email inbox, their age demographic – each piece of information adding to the form and colour of their individual brand mark. Based on our recipe, each of Cerebra’s 43 staff members received their own unique brand mark, which we rolled out on all their stationery – each employee gets a batch of stickers featuring their custom logo and personal details, which can be applied to any piece of Cerebra stationery. Instant personal letterheads and business cards.

Agency: Nicework Communications
Design: Candice Bondi
Year: 2014