Halo Brand Identity

Halo felt as though their brand no longer represented who they were. They were a whole new team, and with that, a whole new set of skills, experience and personalities. Halo wanted their brand to represent what they stood for - creativity with value. We set out to develop a brand that was as unique as everyone who came in contact with it.

First we needed to unpack what 'creativity with value' meant. In essence, we wanted to communicate that Halo wanted to be known for the kind of work that resonated with their audience on a much more profound level, work that connected to the human condition and would evoke emotion in their viewers. 


Our brand imagery was created with the idea of evocative, abstract textures in mind. We wanted these images to have a visual emotional resonance - abstract images are more likely to engage people emotionally as they are open to interpretation. Much like the Rorschach test, people see in it what is already in their mind. We created these textures to elicit emotion from the viewer, something that is visceral and immediately inspires a response.

Agency: Halo
Concept Development: Candice Bondi & Hanneke du Toit
Year: 2016